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Turn-key provider of temporary structural shoring, scaffold, and wall bracing systems serving PA, NJ, DE, and MD.

Structrual Shoring

Temporary structrual shoring designed and installed by experienced, skilled professionals.


Scaffolding evaluated and designed carefully by experts at Squared Solutions.

Wall Bracing Systems

Bracing and stabilization, critical in new construction and demolition, designed by an experienced team.

Structural Shoring

When a project requires temporary structural shoring, it is crucial that only experienced, skilled, professionals evaluate designs and choose the best course of action. Every shoring project has certain variables that, if overlooked, could lead to the loss of the building or, even worse, endanger lives. Squared Solutions has the deep and wide experience and ability to recognize all variables included in the project, which allows us to design and implement a system that addresses all potential risks and leads to a safe environment for your work to be performed.


Scaffold is used primarily to gain access to an elevated area and often, the logistics of the project will determine the best utilization of equipment to meet the customer’s need. Squared Solutions evaluates every project carefully and then designs a layout that provides a safe and worker-friendly product. No matter the size or complexity of the scaffolding project, Squared Solutions will generate a safe, cost effective, and site appropriate design.

Wall Bracing Systems

Bracing and stabilization are critical in new construction, demolition, or while a permanent solution is being developed. Whether Squared Solutions is bracing a wall as a preventative measure, or if movement or shifting has been noted, we carefully evaluate all potential influeces including weather, activity, and accessibility. Even the smallest bracing jobs require an experienced team approach and Squared Solutions brings deep knowledge and expertise.